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Home Improvement

Generally, home renovations are not expenses that can save you money, however there are a few energy-efficient home improvements that can lower your taxes. You can also use various home improvements as a method of increasing the value of your home, so when it’s time to sell you can make more.

  • 31 New Kitchen and Bath Products: 2020

    Shower some love on your home’s most-frequented spaces with these finds from the annual kitchen and bath industry show. We’ve gathered genius gear guaranteed to improve day-to-day life, whether you fancy a hardworking faucet or crave a cool new fridge. Thinking about remodeling your […]

  • Idea House Build: Prepping for a Warm Tile Floor...

    A heat system is installed in the bathroom floors for extra comfort, and Matt explains the plan to heat and cool the entire home with both efficiency and visual appeal in mind. Outside, the entryway to the ADU gets completed. Previous episode: Idea House Build: The House Gets a Rose and a Test | […]

  • Read This Before You Redo Your Shower

    It’s where we start—and often end—the day. The shower has come a long way since it was hemmed in by tub walls and draped in a clammy curtain. Here’s how to turn the site of your daily drenching into a destination where style and function happily meet Invented as a way to […]

  • Building a Fire Pit from a Kit

    Makayla Townsend Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough installs a fire pit that comes in a kit Steps for building a fire pit from a kit: Determine a good location for a fire pit. Be sure there are no trees overhead or any other structures that could catch fire from floating embers. Use the […]

  • S18 E25: Quartz Countertops, Firepit Kit

    Kevin learns how quartz countertops are manufactured and installed. Nathan explains how to hang and display a U.S. flag, and Tom and Jenn split firewood. Then, Mark installs a fire pit that comes in a kit. Previous episode: S18 E24 | Next episode: Posting on May 31, 8pm ET In this episode: Kevin […]

  • How to Hang the American Flag

    Makayla Townsend Ask This Old House carpenter and U.S. Navy veteran Nathan Gilbert explains the proper way to hang and display a U.S. flag. Steps for Hanging a U.S. Flag: The U.S. Flag Code is a set of regulations for displaying the American flag. Citizens are not required by law to follow these […]

  • Splitting Firewood by Hand vs. Machine

    Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and landscape contractor Jenn Nawada split firewood using a variety of techniques. Steps for splitting firewood: Jenn demonstrates how to use an electric log splitter. While it’s an easy and helpful tool to use, it is also extremely dangerous […]

  • How to Install a Quartz Countertop

    Makayla Townsend Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor learns how quartz countertops are manufactured and then helps install one in a homeowner’s kitchen. Steps for installing quartz countertop: 1. Kevin starts by explaining how quartz countertops are manufactured: a. Quartz is a […]

  • S41 E25: Master Craftsmen

    A brass handrail is created. Mauro paints a chalkboard finish, and repaired balusters get reinstalled. Richard gives a lesson in make-up air, and work begins on a custom table. Heath talks smart electricity. Previous episode: S41 E24 | Next episode: Posting on May 31, 8pm ET In this episode: A […]

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