If you’re looking for ideas on how to get rid of your creepy, crawly intruders, give these DIY pest control solutions a try.

For your Garden

Do uninvited guests frequently find their way into your garden? If so, you can give this non-toxic solution a try. Mix 5 Tablespoons of dish soap with 4 cups of water. Spray this on your plants! According to an article posted on angieslist.com, “The soap will dehydrate aphids and spider mites.” The soap will help the mixture stick to your plants so they can stay protected. You can’t get much simpler than this. Another natural remedy for keeping insects from munching on your plants is garlic. If you stick a clove of garlic into the soil of your plants, bugs will steer clear. Click here to read more about natural pest control solutions for your garden.

Vegetable leaf

Ant Remedy

If you are tired of dealing with ants, there is a simple 3 ingredient solution you can easily make at home. Take ½ a cup of sugar, a cup of extra warm water and 2 Tablespoons of borax. Mix these up and leave them directly in the path of the ants. The ants will carry this mixture back to their queen and you will soon be free of them! Check out the following article for tips on how to execute this solution properly. Remember to keep this concoction away from pets and children! In addition, if you’re looking for a completely natural remedy, sprinkle coffee grounds where the ants commonly gather. Coffee grounds are fatal to ants!


If you have a spider problem in your home, there is a simple solution! It turns out, spiders are attracted to a very specific temperature and atmosphere. According to an article from familyhandyman.com, “You can virtually eliminate spiders in your basement by using a dehumidifier to maintain a 40 percent humidity level and vigilantly sweeping down cobwebs whenever they appear. Keep the basement windowsills brushed clean too.” If you would like to read more from this article, you can find it here.


There are a variety of natural products you can use in order to keep mosquitos at bay. More specifically the use of oils such as lemon, lavender, citronella, thyme, eucalyptus and cinnamon have been proven to help deter these troublesome pests. Lavender oil for example, can be applied directly onto a rag and wiped on the skin as an insect repellent. Healthline.com has an excellent article with multiple DIY mosquito repellents that are simple to recreate.

Enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of bugs. Use these simple, budget friendly recipes to ensure your home remains insect free this spring.

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