Stop looking outside your walls for ways to cookie cutter your life when you can do it yourself, probably better, and for way less money.  Take pride in your home by insourcing these ideas and save money in the process.

Be Your Own Maid

Set aside 1-2 hours a week or at least every other week to clean the house yourself.  Enlist family members or significant others and make it fun – music, timed races, drinking games.  Why pay someone else to clean your house, they don’t know you, your habits, or where you spend most of your time.  You’re actually paying them to waste time cleaning that room you never use except for when family is in town. 

DIY Decor

There are so many ways you can make your home unique for a fraction of the cost of a “professional.”  Learn how to paint yourself – it’s so easy and can brighten up a room without breaking the bank.  Same with decorating – grab your most creative friends and think of ways to enhance your space for little to nothing.  It sometimes takes a fresh pair of eyes to reorganize a room to perfection. 

Woman painting chair

Jack of all Trades

The internet has given us so many gifts, and not just cute cat videos and hot pepper challenges.  One of those is YouTube – you can find a video teaching you how to do anything.  Learn how to change your own oil, fix paint scratches and dents on your car.  Some of these are so simple to do and will save you big bucks.  If you can’t figure out everything, it’s okay, at least get better diagnosing easy fix problems so you know exactly what to ask for at the mechanic and not get sold on frivolous expenses. 

Lotions and Potions

DIY your own bath bombs, cleaners and other easy to make beauty products.  They will save you lots of money and use less chemicals, which is good for you, your bank account and (bonus) the environment!  Through some quick research via Pinterest, you’ll find tons of options for household cleaners on the cheap, jewelry cleaning mixes and so much more.  Make it fun to find alternative options using things you already own.

There are so many ways to DIY your own life and your home.  Stop spending money on things that would be easy to take care of yourself and create a more personalized fulfilling living space while doing it. 

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