New furniture can be costly! We all have to have some furniture. Bookshelves are a great way to decorate and hold all the things we need to store. Have you looked at the prices? Buying a simple bookcase can still break a budget. Build one yourself!


The thought of making a bookcase can make you feel overwhelmed. Using power tools and trying to make the precise measurements needed is daunting. Make a brick bookcase! No saw or hammer required. All you will need to measure is the space you want it to go in. Then head down to your local hardware store to get the couple of supplies that you will need.

Picking the Brick

The most significant decision you will have to make is the type of brick you want to use. The type of brick can change the whole look. For an industrial look, you could use cinderblock. The type of block that you would see in a brick wall. They are large you would only need a few to complete an average size bookcase. Achieve the farmhouse look using a pave stone style brick. These bricks are commonly used in traditional fireplaces. They are much smaller, and you will need more to complete a bookcase.

Man building shelf

The Wood

The other half of the supplies list is the wood. Use a thin piece of wood, around an inch thick. The average depth of a bookshelf is around 12 inches. Look at your space and decide how long you need your bookcase to be. Any hardware store that sells boards will be able to cut them to the right length for you. Saving you from having to use any tools. Shop around. The different types of wood will vary significantly in price, find the one that fits your budget.


Paint is a great way to personalize your bookcase. Paint the wood to match your walls or to accentuate your other decorations. Looking for a more rustic option? Try staining the wood instead of painting. The paint doesn’t just have to be for the boards. Paint the bricks to give them a new look. Painting the bricks can give them a sleeker and more modern look. There are many different options and combinations to make your bookcase fit your home.


Now that you have your supplies get stacking. Assembling the bookcase will be the easiest step. Start by placing your first bricks down. These will go at the edges. Next place your first board on top. The next layer is completed by setting the next set of bricks on top of the board. Right where the first bricks are. Sandwiching the boards between the bricks. Continue with the pattern until your bookcase is at the desired height. If you have a longer bookcase, you may want to add some extra support by adding more columns of bricks.

Get Crafty! Save some money and make you’re the perfect bookcase for your space.

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